Winter Wish List

Cold, Winter days are upon us and I'm already wearing my Winter coat daily now. Honestly though, I love wearing layers and I'm not going to complain about living in comfy leggings, oversized sweaters and cardigans. I just wish I was able to wear dresses at work, even though that'd be ridiculous if you knew where I worked. But I want more opportunities to dress up. That's one thing I miss about working in an office - I could live in dresses and tights.

Now if I had the money and/or reasons to wear these dresses, they'd be added to my wardrobe asap!
1     2     3     4     5     6     7

Seriously, those dresses, bags, and loafers give me heart eyes. I need to find more reasons to dress up! 

What's on your Winter wardrobe wish list?

xo Jen


  1. Dress no 1 is a delight! I get to wear dresses to work and I love it. A dress, boots and thick black tights is basically my self-designed "uniform" :) xxx

    1. Ugh, I want to wear that 'uniform' daily too! Silly retail requiring sneakers and jeans.