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Disney Wish Cruise with Young Kids

We went on a 4 night cruise on the Disney Wish. It was my first cruise ever and I'm hooked! I came home and started looking up more Disney cruise things - the other ships, dates, places they visit. I want to do all the Disney cruises!

The Disney Wish ship was gorgeous, all the cast members were incredibly friendly and helpful, the food was delicious, and the kids were obsessed with the kids' pool and splash zone. I was also in love with our stateroom. We had a oceanview with a verandah. I've now been spoiled and I don't know if I'll be able to do a cruise in the future without one!

Now how did the kids do?

Disney World with Young Kids

At the end of February, we travelled to Orlando with our 2 kids and another couple with their kids. We stayed at the Art of Animation resort in Disney for 2 nights. Then we boarded the Disney Wish cruise ship and went on a 4 night cruise. 

It was absolutely incredible. I read about the "Disney Blues" (when you're depressed after being at Disney) and I believe it because I'm pretty sure I'm going through it. There were a few hiccups during our vacation but, honestly, it went so smooth. I'm no expert but I wanted to share my experience and some things we found worked or helped us have a great 8 day vacation with a 2 and 4 year old. 

Give me all the Scrunchies!

I gave up sewing shortly after Emma turned 1. I was burnt out, prepping for another embryo transfer, and overwhelmed. It was bittersweet because I had been creating for YEARS but I was just so tired. 

A friend had suggested that it was just a different season for me - a season of babies and a lot of firsts that babies come with. And that I might return to sewing again one day. 

Well 2022 had me itching to sew again... 2 years after my second baby was born. For the last couple of years I have been searching for something for 'me'. Something to bring back my spark, make me feel normal or human again, something to excite me. A few hobbies helped guide me through this time but looking at fabric, watching sewing tutorials, and feeling jealous as I saw others selling at craft shows led me to the realization that I wanted to sew again. 

My Life in Photos: Fall Recap

Before winter is 'officially' here and we get caught up in Christmas, I thought I'd share a bit about our fall. It was a whirlwind full of colds, adjusting to a school routine, a wedding and all things pumpkin!

My Favourite Christmas Movies So Far..

Tis the season for cheesy holiday movies. All the streaming services are filled with old and new Christmas movies. And I love it! 

They're meant to be cheesy, sappy, have over the top characters, and a crazy, drama-filled storyline. 

I've been watching all the Christmas movies during November, new and old. And a few stand out. However, I still have all of December to keep up my movie binge watching. 

Here are my favourites so far...

Falling For Christmas (2022) 

Sephora Holiday Sale Picks

Are you a Sephora Insider member? It's free to join and you get different perks based on how much you spend over a calendar year. The best part? You get to take part in member-only sales. Their Holiday event starts today for me (I'm a second-tier member so I get a bit of an early start on the sale). 

Saving 15% is a big deal. Nowadays, our budget is tight with inflation and sales don't happen often on skin care and makeup. So I'll be grabbing a few of my favourite must-haves at Sephora during this sale. 

Here are my picks:

Cute Disney Shirts

We are going to Disney! In February 2023 we are heading to Magic Kingdom for 1 day while staying at a Disney resort, and then heading on a Disney cruise!

I am SO excited, like more than the kids. But they don't know exactly what's waiting for them so that's not surprising. Emma, my 4 year old, can't wait to meet Princesses. She'll be in awe and super excited the entire trip.