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Sephora Holiday Sale Picks

Are you a Sephora Insider member? It's free to join and you get different perks based on how much you spend over a calendar year. The best part? You get to take part in member-only sales. Their Holiday event starts today for me (I'm a second-tier member so I get a bit of an early start on the sale). 

Saving 15% is a big deal. Nowadays, our budget is tight with inflation and sales don't happen often on skin care and makeup. So I'll be grabbing a few of my favourite must-haves at Sephora during this sale. 

Here are my picks:

Top Favourite Tiber River Products

Canadian company, Canadian made, good for people, good for the planet, and makes you happy? Yes, please! I'll take one of everything!

Tiber River, a wonderful company that's become my newest obsession. They just released their new fall catalogue and line up and I'm loving it! 

This company has a 'Happy Officer' and their inspiration for their fall line up is Hygge, which means to feel cozy. It's like it just screams me. 

Cute Disney Shirts

We are going to Disney! In February 2023 we are heading to Magic Kingdom for 1 day while staying at a Disney resort, and then heading on a Disney cruise!

I am SO excited, like more than the kids. But they don't know exactly what's waiting for them so that's not surprising. Emma, my 4 year old, can't wait to meet Princesses. She'll be in awe and super excited the entire trip. 

Self Love

My body has endured a lot... cancer, infertility, fertility treatments, miscarriage, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and SO much yo-yo dieting, extreme workouts and binging.

It's also carried me through all those hard times AND carried 2 healthy babies to full-term, fed them, and continues to carry them, hold them, and protect them.

Body positivity is learning to love and respect your body at every stage and treating it that way. But I feel like I've been using "Self Love" as an excuse to eat all the treats, drink all the lattes, and not move my body daily. 

No more.

Summer is Here!

July is THIS week... what?! I feel like summer is already 1/3 over! We didn't have great weather (summer weather) for most of June but it's here now!

This is our last summer before Emma starts school in September. It's crazy and very bittersweet. I look forward to her making friends and so that I can spend some one-on-one time with Lily. But it also means my baby is growing up *tears up*. 

So we're making the most of this summer and have already been to many playgrounds, splash pads, and eaten lots of ice cream!

May Book Wish List

My book wish list is HUGE. Thankfully, I have an e-reader so it's more affordable than buying physical copies. Here are my May release book picks:

What I'm Loving Now

It's been a minute since I did one of these. But as the weather warms up, my anxiety subsides, and we start going out more, I'm feeling inspired again. Inspired to write and share all the amazing and cute things I'm loving lately!


I've always loved looking in the Garden Centres come spring and this year is no exception. It probably seems extra special this year because I avoided going to them the last 2 years. And now, Emma asks all the questions and wants to take home all the flowers. 

We've been to 3 greenhouses so far this year and we have a wish list of things we want to go back for once we can actually start planting. 

Emma wasn't sleeping here... just 'relaxing'. Clearly we tired her out shopping for plants.