Fandom Favourites

Hello! This past weekend was Toronto ComiCon and what do comic conventions usually do? Make me want to buy all the things! I was pretty good in controlling myself with purchases but I have a giant wish list for future conventions and for my birthday this Summer.

1. There were so many girls (of all ages) dressed as Rey at the convention and it has me wanting to try her hairstyle and wear this dress from We Love Fine.

2. The Powerpuff Girls are back April 4th! I love the original series and I know this new series will feel different, especially with new voice actors. But I can't wait to see the girls in action again.

3. I recently had a favourite episodes of Gilmore Girls marathon with a friend and all it did was re-ignite my Gilmore Girls love. I desperately need this tank from Look Human even though it's probably not true. 

4. So when browsing Kate Spade's website recently I noticed their Minnie Mouse collection. Can we all agree this Minnie Mouse bow clasp is too precious?!

5. Everywhere I look right now I find these Funko Disney Mystery Minis Blind Boxes. They are SO cute. So far I've held off buying any, but every time I see them my self control weakens. 

What fandoms are you loving this week?
xo Jen


  1. Oh gawd, that Cogsworth mystery mini is too adorable! That clutch is awesome as well..

  2. That clutch is so darling!