Valentine Wish List

Valentine's Day is this Saturday and surprisingly both myself and Adam have the evening off together. Our work schedules don't normally line up this way but I'm not complaining. We don't normally do anything elaborate but, if we're free, we make a point of spending time together and doing something different from our everday life - whether it's a dinner we don't normally have, ordering food in, or heading out to the movies. This year we're eating dinner at home and then heading to the movies. I'm looking forward to spending a relaxing night with him.

And not that we buy anything crazy for one another, there are some things I wouldn't be opposed to receiving or wearing on this special day...

Valentine's Day Wish List

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How pretty are those dresses?!? And a tea that contains both coffee and white chocolate? Yes please! And of course, anything Orla Kiely wins over my heart!

xo Jen