Big City Dreaming

Ever since me and Adam decided on NYC being our trip this year, I can't stop thinking about it, planning it, looking things up online... I lose track of time thinking about and planning our trip constantly. It's fun though and I'm beyond excited!

Of course I've thought about what I'll wear and pack. I want to look cute but I also need to pack sensible clothes... lots of layers and shoes I can walk around in all day comfortably. But I'm definitely dreaming of adorable ModCloth dresses, trench coats, and Spring shoes. All things that I won't be packing, well maybe there will be dresses, but that's about it. Either way, I can dream about the perfect Big City wardrobe...

Big City Wish List

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I'm just in love with all the cat prints at ModCloth right now. And the vintage popsicle dress needs to be mine! 

xo Jen

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