Christmas Recap

The past week has gone by so quickly. We drove down to Hamilton on Christmas Eve and came back last Friday. It was a fun and great time visiting family and friends. We squeezed in so many visits during the two and a half days that we were there.

Since we were waking up Christmas morning at my parents' house, it was really nice to have a Christmas tree to open gifts beside. Because of living in a small place and that we have a cat that climbs Christmas trees, we never put one up. There was definitely a warm and cozy atmosphere everywhere we went during our stay. A lot of fun memories were made!

On our drive home from Adam's Aunt's, we spotted the house that puts up a crazy amount of Christmas lights every year. We snapped a couple of pictures from the side of the road. I just have an urge to go run up their lawn and stand amongst all the lights!

The weather was definitely warmer in Southern Ontario and there wasn't quite as much snow around, but the trees were gorgeous and covered in ice because of the ice storm they got last week!

The majority of the drive home was beautiful. It had snowed a bit Christmas day and Boxing day so every thing was covered in snow.

I received some really awesome gifts this year. I'm in awe of how great my friends and family are and how much they spoiled me! I received quite a few figures and a couple of geeky pieces of jewelry.

Did you have a great Christmas? Are you looking forward to New Year's Eve?
xo Jen

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