Pouches, Totes, and Scrunchies, Oh My!

My first vendor show in years is on April 23rd. I'm so excited but also a little nervous. I always found vendor shows inspired me. I'd be overstimulated and exhausted by the end of the day, but I'd have so many ideas and plans in my head for my next projects and shows. 

I've been sewing at a slower pace than I used to but this is because of 1. kids and 2. avoiding burnout. It's working out though. I enjoy disappearing to my sewing room and creating. I'm also loving finding amazing fabric again. 

Anyone else a Gilmore Girls fan?

Barbie seems to be EVERYWHERE this year because of the movie and I'm very ok with that! I was a Barbie kid and I was pretty excited to find this retro-looking fabric. 

This is just a tiny sample of the scrunchies I'll have on hand at my vendor show later this month. 

I'll be making another tote out of this Bulbasaur fabric because it's GORGEOUS and I already sold this one on my Instagram. 

If you're local to Sudbury, definitely come check out the show!

I'm hoping to sell at a couple more vendor shows this year! I'll also be updating my online shop after this show with all my new products so keep an eye out for that!

xo Jen

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