Halloween Books for Toddlers

Emma is obsessed with books. We started a library for her before she was even born and we've added a ton of books since. Within her collection of books, we've acquired some seasonal books. One of her absolute favourites is a Halloween flip book - Halloween is Here! So I thought it might be great to share some book recommendations in case other parents are looking for some non-candy Halloween gift ideas.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Halloween is Here! - this has become one of Emma's favourite books! She can sit for a good 30 minutes flipping through this book and going through all the flaps. 

2. Halloween Heroes! - if your child loves Paw Patrol, this is a great book. It's based on one of their Halloween episodes. Emma makes us read this book all the time. She'll tell you who the 'ghost' is before we even get to that part of the story.

3. Teeny Tiny Ghost - we don't own this book yet. But it's on my wish list for Emma's library. The illustrator, Joey Chou, is amazing! We have other books illustrated by him and I'm obsessed. 

4. Eek! Halloween! - this is another book I plan on picking up for Emma. We have a bunch of books by Sandra Boynton and they're great! They're always really fun and quirky and the best part is they can be read in a minute!

Do you have any Halloween book recommendations for kids?


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