Fandom Favourites

Hello! I wanted to share some of my fandom favourites with you today. 

1. I'm really enjoying the new Powerpuff Girls TV show and I especially want the new figures that have been released for the show. There's an entire new line of toys for PPG, but the little plastic figures are a necessity for my collection.

2. Recently at EB Games I spotted the SDCC Exclusive X-Men Dorbz. So I've done my best not to buy any of the Dorbz figures because I can only fit so many toys on my shelves. But the X-Men ones are too cute! Maybe it's because Wolverine is actually smiling...

3. TeeTurtle released a few candy girl t-shirt designs and I love every single one. However, the Candy Corn Countess has won over my heart. 

4. The new Gilmore Girls episodes are so close to airing (not really that close, but close enough that I can count down now). I pretty much squee every time I see anything Gilmore Girls-related. And I desperately need some sort of Luke's artwork for my kitchen. This one is perfect.

What fandom things are you loving right now?
xo Jen

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