Fandom Favourites: Pokemon Go

I highly doubt I have to explain to anyone what Pokemon Go is. If so, just check out this post about the new Pokemon app. Since late Sunday night, when the game was officially released in Canada, I have gone on 4 walks in my neighbourhood to look for Pokemon. This game is seriously going to get me in shape at this rate considering it's only Wednesday.

To share my love for Pokemon and how much fun I'm having playing Pokemon Go, I rounded up my top favourite Pokemon t-shirt designs that have been popping up in my email inbox (thanks to TeeFury, RiptApparel, and TeeTurtle).

Clockwise from top right box:

1. Where's the Gym? by TeeTurtle
2. Certified Trainer by Oktobear
3. Tiny Turtle Trained by Huino
4. Gotta Fit Them All by DoOomcat
5. PikaPooh by Ste7en Lefcourt

Have you been playing Pokemon Go? Are you enjoying it? The servers have been a little unstable this week and my phone has the worst GPS signal apparently since my trainer is constantly running around the map, but overall we're having a fun time catching Pokemon!

xo Jen

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