Fandom Favourites: Toy Fair Edition

Last weekend was Toy Fair in New York City. Every year I scroll through the photos with the toy fair hashtags. It's a lot of fun to see what's going to be coming out over the next year. This year was no different and there were a few toys and product lines introduced that will definitely be on my wish list this year.

1. Funko released their newest toy line: Rock Candy. One of the first lines to come out will be the DC comics ladies and I'm absolutely dying over the 'Modern Batgirl' vinyl figure.

2. I came across an image of new Pusheen products and spotted blind boxes! Gund has teamed up with Pusheen to create Pusheen Surprise Plush blind boxes. They're all so cute! And I can see myself buying multiples of these blind boxes over the span of a comic convention weekend. 

3. With the Powerpuff Girls reboot coming this Spring, there were some pictures posted of the new figures and playsets that will be showing up in stores. It was also just announced that Funko will be one of the official Toy partners for Powerpuff Girls so we should expect to see Pop! Vinyls, Mystery Mini boxes, and Dorbz figures. I'm going to need an entire shelf just for PPG toys!

4. I've become a big fan of the DC Comics Bombshells line. The comics are super entertaining and incredibly beautiful to look at. Cryptozoic Entertainment showed their new DC Bombshells figures at Toy Fair and they're gorgeous! 

5. One of the most exciting things I spotted at Toy Fair was the new Sailor Moon Pop! figures from Funko. Seriously?! I want them all! Look at how adorable Luna is!

If this year's Toy Fair has shown me anything, it's that I have a serious addiction to cute and pretty things. I'm a little afraid to see what I buy at all the comic conventions I'm attending this year. 

xo Jen


  1. I really like the style of the Rock Candy figures! I hope they add some Marvel!

  2. Between Rock Candy, the Bombshell figurines and the Pusheen blind boxes, I have a feeling its going to be a very spendy summer.

  3. Eeeekk... So many awesome Pop! Vinyls coming soon - Sailor Scouts and Powerpuff Girls are definitely on my list. That Batgirl figure looks awesome too.