My Life In Photos

January is almost over and I'm really not sure where the month went. It's been a really snowy month. Like, tons of snow. Winter caught up and we've been shoveling every couple of days. It's been a work out. The weather has kept us inside though. Snuggling, reading, watching TV and movies... it's been nice.

Seymore is especially fond of the new bed we bought him on boxing day. It's a small dog bed which fits him perfectly.

Koopa looking cute and actually letting me take a non-blurry photo of him. Tank is off hiding like usual. 

I read through the first Lumberjanes trade this month, along with a few other books. I have the second Lumberjanes volume in my to-read pile still too.

I found Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pop! Vinyls really cheap and just had to pick them all up!

I've been adding to my sprinkle collection as I come up with more recipes I want to try.

I couldn't pass up these Valentines and stickers when I was out shopping last week.

I also bought a few other things this month: my first Tsum Tsum pack, a ceramic dish, and two DS games.

January has been a good start to 2016. It's been snowy and I haven't left the house much, but it's been nice and relaxing.

How's January been for you?
xo Jen


  1. That sounds SO relaxing! I wish we got enough snow here for a legitimate snow day or two. Although I've still been embracing the odd duvet day, and my friend loaned me a bag of comics yesterday- the first ones I'll ever have read! xxx