Summer is fast approaching and we've already had a few days that have felt like the middle of summer. The sun has been shining a lot lately and the heat is high in the afternoons.

With moving at the beginning of June to a new city, it is going to through my summer off... Initially I will be without friends at our new place but will be making trips back to Hamilton to visit family and friends. So I want to focus on having the best summer and fun adventures in both the new place and when I come back down to visit.

Things I want to consume:

Key Lime Cake

Secret Starbucks drinks

Iced Coffee

Cotton Candy

Things I want to wear:

Summer Dresses

Geeky Tank Tops

Things I want to do:

*Go to the Drive-in
*Visit the Zoo
*Check out the Science Centre
*Go Swimming (in both a pool and lakes)
*Have a Bonfire
*Make s'mores
*Go Fishing
*Go on Hikes
*Have lots of Picnics
*Try new Recipes

What goals and plans do you have for the summer?

xo Jen

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