What I'm Loving Now

It's been a super productive day for me. The IGGPPC staff had our first live Google Hangout. I went on a 2 hour hike and I'm already feeling sore from it but it's a good hurt. And I have been staring at spreadsheets for hours working on IGGPPC things. It's nice having a little Internet break...

We are watching Mad Men Season 2 currently and once again, I'm infatuated with Joan and her beauty. 

I'm obsessed with all the Spring dresses on Modcloth... I want all the dresses!!

I completely fell in love with Lara and her DIY on IGGPPC!

This <3

I'm excited to wrap up some things online so I can go lay down with the kitties and read a bit before bed.

xo Jen


  1. Sounds like a full-on day! I am in love with everything on modcloth but afraid if I buy one thing I'll end up buying 10 things just to justify the postage costs from the US haha xxx

  2. This post is a breath of fresh air <3