Meet Lily

What a year 2020 has been. Because of the pandemic, being glued to the news, and all the stresses of the coronavirus, my pregnancy flew by. Like I blinked, and all of a sudden I was 38 weeks pregnant. Thankfully the pregnancy went pretty smooth. I don't know if I could have handled much pregnancy stress on top of the real world stress. My anxiety was already high between going off my anxiety medication at the beginning of the pregnancy and the coronavirus. 

The plan for our baby's birth was another cesarean. There were too many complications during Emma's birth and Emma ended up being a large baby, so my obstetrician recommended a scheduled c-section for this baby's arrival. 

I was nervous I wouldn't last until my scheduled date because Emma arrived early. However, me and baby held on and we made it to our scheduled surgery. This meant I was almost 40 weeks pregnant, gigantic, very swollen, and in the middle of a heatwave before having this baby. But it also meant I had my OB perform the surgery which made me feel much more comfortable. 

The c-section went well. Better than my first, which had me feeling nauseous and more pain than I was prepared for. This time I felt very little and I didn't deal with any nausea. Also, because there were no complications, I was able to meet our baby right after her birth. 

Let me introduce our second daughter, Lily....


Emma and Lily

Dark hair and dark blue eyes... she gets it from her Dad.

Her dimples are too cute!

Lily was born 10lbs 4oz so she was another big baby. She's now 6 weeks old and is an absolute sweetheart. We lucked out because we have another really good baby. She loves her food and sleep. And look at those dimples! She just melts our hearts.

I've had a better experience breastfeeding with her than with Emma, however we've been supplementing with formula and are heading to an all-formula diet soon. Between my postpartum anxiety, severe anemia, recovering from my c-section, and just general tiredness from a newborn, formula and bottles are easier on me mentally and physically. Breastfeeding her 8 times a day was wearing me down. 

And how is Emma with her baby sister? It's been interesting. Emma basically ignored her the first 2-3 weeks. She would only call her 'baby' and not Lily. There was definitely some jealousy there too. Emma acted out during the first couple of weeks and she'd get upset when I nursed Lily. But it slowly went away. We made a breakthrough during Lily's one month photos and Emma really interacted with her. Since then Emma has been talking to her more which is very sweet to watch. 

I'm still blown away that I'm a mom of two. I honestly never thought we'd never have another baby after our failed embryo transfer last year. One year ago we were wrapping our brains around being a one child family and now here we are holding our new baby. Life can be crazy. 


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