Self-Isolation: Week 1

There's no way you're alive in this world without knowing about COVID-19 and what it's doing to our world and communities. It's a scary situation.

My anxiety has been high since this pregnancy started and this pandemic is definitely not helping. Because of this and because I'm very cautious about this pregnancy, I've decided self-isolation is the best thing for me. It keeps me feeling safe and less anxious not being around people. It's definitely the best decision for my mental health.


So even though I'm staying inside and can wash my hands anytime with soap (and more is on its way from Amazon!), Adam still has to go to work. And as a paramedic, he's going to be facing this COVID-19 every day. The idea of him being in the emergency department multiple times a day freaks me out. But that's something we have to work with. We've come up with a sanitizing/uniform/shower routine for after work and he just has to up his hand hygiene during his shift.

It still seems crazy how the world has switched into panic mode. We legitimately might run out of toilet paper because we didn't think to stock up prior to everything that's happened this week. I'm also thankful I had some extra bottles of hand sanitizer in our house because of my normal anxiety/germaphobia because that's completely sold out everywhere too.

I left the house this past Monday for a doctor's appointment and since then I've been isolated, except for a couple of neighbourhood walks. I'm not sure how I'll do as the days go on. Even as an introvert, I still get stir crazy after too many days at home. But when I think about my anxiety when I head out into the public, I can handle the stir crazy.

I just need to find ways to shake up my routine at home. Maybe find ways to de-stress or distract my brain. I expect I'll read more, bake more, and do more activities with Emma. And hopefully the isolation won't last too long.

Some things I'm doing daily to manage my anxiety are:
- limit Facebook to once a day for about 10 minutes so I don't get sucked into posts/comments/fake news about the virus
- follow inspiring/cute/fun accounts on Instagram that will brighten my mood when I check that app anytime throughout the day
- chat with family/friends online throughout the day to keep loneliness from setting in
- find ways to laugh whether it's through TV or Adam showing me silly memes
- enjoy every second with Emma

And for anyone else dealing with anxiety or panic over this situation, I'm hear to talk anytime!


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