Season 3 of iZombie starts up tomorrow and I'm so excited for it! It's easily one of my favourite shows. I adore the writing, the concept, the jokes, and the characters, especially Liv and Ravi. I've read the comic books that the show is based on. Yes, they change things, but the overall idea is the same: zombies can function like normal humans with a regular dose of brains. Also, the memories and personality traits from the brain will affect the zombie who ingested the brains. That is until the brain has worn off and passed through the body.


If you haven't watched iZombie, or aren't caught up, what are you waiting for?! I won't give away spoilers on how season 2 ended but let's just say that season 3 should start strong as we were left with a crazy ending. And if the poster for season 3 is any indication, I'm pumped to see how things turn out.

To celebrate the return of iZombie, I wanted to share a few of my favourite iZombie merchandise.

Clockwise from top right:
1. Liv Moore Pop! Vinyl
2. iZombie planner stickers (I need these!)
3. Ravi and Liv themed Minifigs print (how cool are these prints? Check out the shop!)
4. Brain pendant necklace

If you're watching the season 3 premiere tomorrow night, enjoy!
xo Jen

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