All The Colours

Since I'm on a unicorn kick, as well as the fact that we have spring weather finally, I'm obsessed with colours - pastel, bright, tropical. All the colours! I bought a sweater last week and it's coral! This is odd for me since I tend to fall into the grey/blue category with most of my clothing. I will more than likely pair that coral sweater with a grey tank. But it's such a bright, happy colour and I'm excited to wear it.

I've been drawn to colours everywhere. These are a few of my favourite colourful things right now:

1. Tarte's Make Believe in Yourself collection. I want it all.

2. Starbucks' spring cups. They're too cute.

3. Davids Tea Summer Collection. I plan on picking up an iced tea press for myself to have fresh iced tea all summer!

All these colours put me in such a happy mood so I plan on surrounding myself with them.

xo Jen

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