What I'm Reading Now

Never in my life have I had so many books on the go. I have two novels on my bedside table that are both partially read, an audiobook over half way done, and a graphic novel sitting on the floor that hasn't been touched in a couple of weeks.

This is what happens when new books are released and I can't stop myself from starting them even when I have books on the go already.

1. The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney (audiobook)

I needed a new audiobook and this book has been in my face constantly. Chapters Indigo has been advertising it like crazy in their emails so I looked to see if there was an audiobook. There is and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. It's a great story, very interesting, and I'm enjoying all the characters.

2. The Importance of Being Married by Gemma Townley (novel)

I picked this book up at a garage sale and it's been sitting on my shelf forever. I thought it was time to read it and that it would be the perfect light book to read throughout Summer. Even though the story isn't too complex, I'm still really enjoying it. It's an easy read and I've found myself hooked on the story line and main characters. Unfortunately I've put the book aside while I read the next book in my list.

3. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne (novel)

As I shared before, I picked this book up on its release day and haven't had the chance to finish it with how busy I've been. This book will be read before anything else however because I want to continue with the Harry Potter story.

4. Black Widow: The Sting of the Widow by assorted writers (graphic novel)

This is a compilation of Black Widow comic books that jumps through the years. I've only read the first couple of comics in this book but it's fun to see how the styles change from comic to comic depending on the year. Black Widow has easily become one of my favourite characters and I'm enjoying reading more of her history.

On top of the above list, there's a handful of novels, comics, and audiobooks I'm itching to get to so I'm expecting this crazy list of books to stay heavy for a while.

What are you reading?
xo Jen

*All quotes and pictures are from Goodreads*

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