It's Summer time which means I'm obsessed with gardening again. We picked out all our flowers and vegetables at the garden centres last month and planted them. We've been having a bit of a hard time though because we have chipmunks who like to dig in our garden and rabbits and hares eating our plant leaves and flowers. It's becoming a challenge this year.

Last month we went out to Azilda Greenhouse to look around. I went home with a cactus but I fell in love with so many plants there. 

The newest cactus addition is on the left. I love it. 

Some of the annuals we bought are too cute. Like these little fuzzy flowers. There were a lot more I would have liked to have picked up but a lot of them needed full sun and our gardens don't get that much sun.

Last week our lillies started to open up and they're absolutely gorgeous. They're such a beautiful addition to our garden.

Right now we're monitoring our vegetable garden and keeping our fingers crossed that we get some tomatoes, peppers, and tons of peas and beans!

xo Jen

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