Fandom Favourites: SDCC 2016

This past weekend was San Diego Comic Con and as usual a ton of trailers and news were shared in the convention halls. I always enjoy catching up on all the news, panels, and trailers at the end of the weekend. These top the list of what I'm most excited for:

1. Wonder Woman Trailer - wow! It looks incredibly kickass and I'm very excited for this movie now.

2. Legion Trailer - I knew there was an X-Men show in the works but I didn't realize it would center on Legion, Charles Xavier's son. I'm very curious about this series.

3. The LEGO Batman Movie - this full-length trailer shows just how hilarious this movie is going to be. Will Arnett is the perfect LEGO Batman!

4. New trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them - yet another trailer for this movie that gives me goosebumps. I'm beyond excited to be back in that world. 

A lot of the other trailers released looked amazing and I'm pumped for all the new Marvel TV shows and the return of The Walking Dead! What SDCC news has you excited?

xo Jen

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