Everyday Cosplay: Deadpool

Deadpool comes out on Friday and I'm so incredibly excited to see it. Like many Deadpool fans, we will be seeing the movie as our Valentine's Day date. What better way to celebrate a romantic day but with Deadpool?!

To get ready for the movie I came up with a Deadpool Everyday Cosplay that I'd love to wear! Mixing a cute and sweet dress with tougher accessories is one of my favourite styles.

Finishing off the outfit with lots of black eyeliner and red nails is the perfect touch in my opinion. I will definitely be trying to duplicate this outfit for my date this weekend.

Are you excited for the Deadpool movie?
xo Jen


  1. I love a good dress and DM combination.. cute outfit!

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  3. Love this! The cute dress and DM's is such a good combo! Have a great time watching Deadpool today! xx