Coffee Shop Dates

One of my favourite things to do is to try different coffee and bake shops. This is because of a couple of reasons: 
  1. I love coffee.
  2. I love pastries and baked goods. 
  3. The atmosphere - every single coffee and bake shop I've been to have a wonderful and inviting atmosphere.
  4. It's fun trying something new - new flavours, new menu items. 
  5. I like spending money at a local, independent business than the 'big guy' coffee shops. 
There are a handful of places that I've visited here that I really, really like. And even though Adam isn't big on coffee, I can usually drag him to one of the local coffee shops with the promise of some sort of sweet treat. 

With the cooler weather, I'm finding myself trying to fit in all the coffee shop dates with both Adam and friends. Typically I head out bundled up in Winter clothing and lots of layers but in my ideal world, I'd be dressing in a similar outfit to this (I also really, really need that coffee & donuts tee!):

Do you have a favourite local coffee place? I'm thankful that even though this city is smaller than I'm used to, there is no shortage of good coffee and tasty pastries and baked goods. 

xo Jen


  1. Such cute outfit pairings! I just recently started drinking coffee, but I haven't spent much time in any local cafe's. We have a lot of drive-through coffee shops though.

  2. Very adorable outfits! I wish I could pull off high waisted skirts, but I think I've probably enjoyed a few too many coffees and pastries to make it look any good. I regret nothing :P

    We have a few coffee spots popping up around the place now, so I think I might have to do a bit of a tour instead of going for the tried and true hipster coffee place on the mall!

  3. Adorable outfits! I definitely need more skirts like those. And I hear ya on the coffee and baked goods. It's actually something I miss working from home since I don't pass any coffee shops on my way to work any more, but I guess coffee shop dates would be the cure for that!

  4. I LOVE going for tea and cake. There are so many incredible cafes in Brighton - literally hundreds of independent options, and my favourite one is a mere three minute walk from my front door :) swoon!!

    That t-shirt is excellent, but you might want to re-think the skirts; they look like awfully tight waistbands for cake eating activities :p xxx