My Life In Photos

February broke records for how cold it was here. And if it wasn't ridiculously cold, it was snowing, and we were shoveling and cleaning our cars off. I'm very happy that March has showed up and Spring is around the corner!

I found bubble tea! A place in the food court at our mall has a small sign for bubble tea. When Adam pointed it out to me, I ran over and ordered one. They blended it and made it into a slushie, but they did have a couple of jelly flavours. It wasn't bad. Better than no bubble tea. 

Kitty snuggles.

Weird and hyper kitty.

I finally read the first izombie trade.

Wearing a new dress to brighten the cold and dark days. 

Have I told you how excited I am for Spring to show up?!
xo Jen


  1. I love the photo of the wintery tree branches reflected in your coffee. I'm definitely ready for the warmer weather too- although I'm going to miss my bobble hat! I feel like it's become part of me. I guess I'll have to go Summer Hat shopping... xxx