What I'm Loving Now

I'm starting to feel an itch for Spring... stores at the mall are bringing out all their Spring stock - pastel coloured clothes, Easter decorations, patio sets. I'm feeling a strong urge for sunshine, going outside without a coat, and to garden (crazy, I know!).

Spring Treats

I've been finding myself pinning Spring-inspired desserts on Pinterest lately. Whether it's pretty pastel coloured desserts or light and fruity flavoured ones. When I saw this cake on there, my jaw dropped. It's gorgeous! The light pink and blue meringues are too sweet.


I recently picked up a bunch of Jello mixes because I've been craving it. Something sweet, but not too heavy. A few days ago I made cherry Jello with ginger ale (instead of the cold water it asks for) and it was SO good! I plan on making another batch with the ginger ale, but with a different flavour of Jello. Even though we rarely have pop in our house, I think I'll need to pick some up when it goes on sale to try other flavour combinations. 

Spring Dresses

How pretty is this dress?! It's a longer length, made of cotton, and the perfect colour. It's pretty much my dream dress for Spring. 

What are you loving right now?
xo Jen


  1. Making jelly (as we call it over here) with other liquids is genius! I tried making it once with vodka to create vodka jello shots. It didn't work (because I used too much vodka... oops!) so we had a bowl of it on the table which people had to scoop into cups. Like the world's deadliest punch :p xxx

    1. haha. I've never made Jello shots but I've tasted some yummy ones.

  2. That dress is so pretty. You should see the dresses we got in our shop today. So ready for Spring and Summer. They're from this fair trade company: http://www.matatraders.com/index.php Most of them are actually cheaper than Modcloth and they're all handmade (and most importantly super cute). I thought you would like to look at them. And that Jello sounds really tasty. I want to try cream soda with orange Jello, like a creamsicle!

    1. Your shop has super adorable dresses! Thanks for sending me the link.