What I'm Loving Now

Where has February gone? It's half over! I looked at my calendar the other day and freaked out a bit... first, Toronto Comicon is around the corner which means I'm going to be sewing as much as possible now and two, Spring is SO close! 

Once Upon A Time: Captain Swan

I watched Season 3 of Once Upon A Time very quickly. I was hooked on this season. Why? It was a fun and interesting story line and I enjoyed the twists and uncovering more about the characters. But my favourite thing this season was the relationship between Captain Hook and Emma Swan - Captain Swan! Their banter, how they grow to trust one another, and watching them fall for each other was such a lovely thing to see. I cannot wait to start Season 4 to see how their story progresses!


As I stated above, sewing has become my life again because I always go overboard when preparing for conventions. But I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I'm excited for my first convention of the year and I'm loving my finished products. Plus, hanging out in my craft room with Gilmore Girls on the TV and coffee beside me while I work on things is just perfection.

How's February been for you? Loving anything in particular lately?
xo Jen


  1. Captain Swan 💙 You'll love season 4! Well I'm still waiting for mid season hiatus to be over with to get more of Captain Swan.

  2. I haven't started season 4 yet... I'm torn if I should start now and catch up or wait for the season to finish and marathon it in a few days. haha