Style Inspiration

I'm giving Once Upon A Time (OUAT) a go again. I started watching it years ago when it first aired. I really enjoyed it, but during the second season I moved and I just couldn't keep up with the episodes as they aired so I gave up. Recently I've been hearing a lot about this show again. A chunk of my Twitter feed and one of my best friends keep talking about it. So I thought I'd try watching it again. Plus, it's a bit easier now since it's a few seasons in and I can marathon the earlier seasons. I'm now three episodes away from finishing season two and I'm thoroughly enjoying the storyline and most of the characters.

Ginnifer Goodwin has always been an actress I liked (she's my favourite sister wife from Big Love). So I quickly liked and started to cheer for Snow White/Mary Margaret on Once Upon A Time. Ginnifer is adorable and she portrays such a sweet, honest, caring, and brave character on OUAT. And to top off her adorableness, she has a wardrobe I'd like to raid!

Her wardrobe is filled with feminine and soft styles and also some menswear-style clothes. I just adore her outfits. The coats, scarves, and hats they layer her in are also lovely.

I'm excited to keep watching this show and see how the story and characters continue to develop. Do you watch OUAT?
xo Jen


  1. Mary Margaret is one of my favorite characters on Once Upon A Time. I love her whimsical and bright style. Great post!