What I'm Loving Now

My life is just crazy lately. Between getting ready to move into our house (next weekend... omg!), working on sewing projects for Fan Expo Canada, and planning Summer Camp for IGGPPC, every day just flies by! But I've been having some fun in between all the madness!


Of course I had to go through all my clothes while packing up. I was definitely holding on to things that just don't fit anymore or are falling apart (dresses with little holes in it). This means my closet has some space in it again and even though this will scare Adam, I've been eyeing up a few dresses on ModCloth.

I am completely in love with the cut and prints of these two dresses. 


I have been having a blast looking for things for the house. I've been enjoying some free time going through stores looking for the perfect lamps and adding things to my mental wish list that would work perfectly with the colour palettes I'm eyeing up. At this point I would like a Target shopping spree!

Lily Allen

I've been a big fan of Lily Allen for years now. Her music is super catchy and her lyrics are always fun. I've been listening to her new album, Sheezus, while working on the computer. It's becoming my Summer album. 

What have you been loving lately?
xo Jen

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