Weekend Adventures

We headed back to Hamilton this past weekend to celebrate my Mom's 50th birthday. Of course we squeezed in as much as we could during our time there. Our first stop was visiting Kool Stuff. We always find some great things there. We don't necessarily buy a lot, but I always enjoy going through all the vintage toys. 

The creepiest Sailor Moon dolls I have ever seen...

I squeezed in TWO frozen yogurt dates over the weekend with two different friends. It was so worth it. I had different flavours both times but as usual popping bobas made it into my container during both visits. 

The entire weekend was just gorgeous. It got so hot both Saturday and Sunday. All the plants were in full bloom at my parents'. Their chokecherry tree was just absolutely beautiful. 

Before we headed home on Sunday we hit up Big B Comics. We spent way more money than we planned but oh well. We stocked up on comics big time. I was so tempted to pick up this Pop! Vinyl figure too. I figure I'll purchase him at Fan Expo Canada this summer. 

And it's becoming tradition for us to hit up a Tim Horton's somewhere along the drive home for donuts. But these were so needed... my car ended up making rumbling noises near the end of our drive. So we both ended up stressed out. Thank goodness for donuts!

It was another fantastic weekend and we had lots of fun! But we're both exhausted now. 
How was your weekend?
xo Jen

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