Mail Day

I've been reading blogs for a very, very long time. During college I started to read certain blogs regularly, so it's been about 10 years now! One of my favourite blogs that I've come across during my blog-reading years is Katie's, Hook, Line & Sink Her. I find Katie's posts incredibly entertaining, endearing, inspiring, and just plain awesome.

We did a sweets swap over a year ago which was incredibly fun. You can see all the treats here. Well we decided to do another swap back in the Winter. Surprisingly enough, we both received each other's parcels within a week of each other. You can see what I sent Katie this time in her post.

It felt like Christmas opening up Katie's parcel...

So there was the biggest, cutest, zippered reusable tote bag inside that I'm beyond excited to use for craft shows and at Christmas time to carry presents when we have to travel back to Hamilton. 

Seymore adores climbing inside bags so I had to make sure to put the bag in a safe spot until I need to use it because he'll cover the bag in cat hair. 

So many Rowntree's goodies! Alright, folks from the U.K., Rowntree's products are amazing! I'm in love with everything I've tried so far and jealous that I cannot regularly buy their treats. The Rip'ems that I received are so tasty! And why are your Starburst candies better?!? They're softer than the ones we get here. And, your lime flavoured ones are so perfect. 

There was also adorable Little Red Riding Hood sticky memos, owl ribbon, adorable 'Snissues', and chai tea! Chai is my favourite tea and this one is so good! I've already used a few tea bags from the box. 

Katie also sent me some of her magnetic letters to spell out mine and Adam's names. They're the perfect addition to our refrigerator!

Receiving amazing parcels like this just brighten my month. I'm already keeping a look out for other fun treats and gifts for future swaps! Thanks Katie <3

xo Jen

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