Weekly Adventures

The past week has been pretty busy for us. After celebrating Valentine's Day last Friday, I spent Saturday at work, doing some errands, promoting IGGPPC, and packing for a quick Hamilton visit.

Round 11 of the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club opened on Saturday. Registration is still open and you can sign up here. There's a giveaway happening on our Facebook page right now as well.

Then really early Sunday morning we headed off for Hamilton. It was a nice drive. The sun was out and being a Sunday, the traffic was light. We spent the afternoon at our niece's third birthday party, then I had a dinner of frozen yogurt with two of my best friends for one of their birthdays. Afterwards we drank Italian Soda and played Big Bang Theory Clue.

We finished off our day with a few games of bowling with some family members. It was a long day but bowling was super fun. I started off strong and got worse as the games continued. I guess my tiredness was catching up with me.

Monday morning we headed home after breakfast with my Mom and a quick visit at my sister-in-law's. Again, it was a gorgeous day. The sun was out, traffic was light, and we stopped for a treat at Tim Horton's. We picked up coffee and doughnuts and admired all the snowmobiles hanging out in the parking lot and the brand new ones that one of the stores was selling.

These pictures are blurry since we were driving on the highway, but the ice on the rocks was just crazy to see.

Since getting home I've been taking care of some chores and working on more comic convention prep. I'll be spending my evening working on pillowcases.

How has your week been?
xo Jen

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