A Black Dress

I spend a lot of time in thrift stores looking for fabric, vintage toys, and used movies and books. I always check out the dresses and I have to admit that I haven't been too successful finding clothes at these places. Anything I like usually doesn't fit me. But back in October, I found a black silk dress on the rack and went back to it about 3 times before I finally decided to try it on. Well, I fell in love. It fit perfectly and it was so comfy and it was only $15! I cannot explain the love I have for this dress. It's a conservative length and flares away from my body so I feel good in it. I pretty much plan on wearing this dress to every function I attend.

The first function I wore it to was my cousin's wedding almost a month ago.


I paired the dress with nude pumps and a small black clutch. I completely forgot to bring any jewelry with me to Hamilton. I think in the future I'll be pairing a pretty necklace with the dress. We have another wedding to attend in January so we'll see how I accessorize since the weather will be very cold then.

Have you found any great treasures while thrift shopping recently? I definitely will be continuing to check out the dress racks at the thrift stores after this find!
xo Jen

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