Winter Love

Growing up, I never would have admitted I liked Winter. Yes, I've always been a huge fan of Christmas, but I would never have said that I liked the snow or cold. As I've gotten older, I've learnt to appreciate and enjoy Winter more. There's nothing more perfect than a night in, wrapped in a blanket on the couch while I read, play video games, or watch a movie with Adam. Add in drinking hot beverages and snuggling with the cats... they're some of my favourite things. And all of these things are just wonderful during the cold Winter months. Seeing snow outside the window during evenings like this make for a really cozy atmosphere.

So I'm saying it now, I like Winter. I don't necessarily love it. Not yet. But I like it. I look forward to walks in the snow, especially along the lakes. We already have a generous coating of snow that's been around for about a week now. So I think liking Winter is best while we live here because I don't think the snow is going anywhere anytime soon. 

Last night I watched You've Got Mail. The Winter and Christmas scenes in this movie have such a warm and inviting feel to them. I basically want to live inside the book store when it's decorated for Christmas. 

What are your favourite things about Winter?
xo Jen

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