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I just love all the people and companies I've met and worked with through the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. Matt, from Insert Coin Clothing, is one of those people. Insert Coin is an awesome online shop filled with gaming-inspired clothing. We were sent t-shirts from Insert Coin a few months ago to do reviews on them. I absolutely loved mine! You can read about our t-shirts here. And then last month, I received a pair of Pac-Man leggings from Insert Coin. To say I was excited to receive my leggings is an understatement! Not only am I huge fan of leggings, but video game inspired leggings?! I'm in love! I'm going to wear these to every comic convention I attend next year!

I wore these to Hamilton when I went back for Thanksgiving and I received a ton of compliments. On my second wear, I had Adam take some pictures for me. This proved difficult since I have curious cats, it was FREEZING outside and our lighting is bad in our apartment.

So we tried taking photos in our brightest room...


Then we headed outside to our balcony...


We were being watched...


I paired the leggings with one of my favourite skirts from Old Navy, a thermal shirt that I've had for years (because it's so damn cold here!), and an American Eagle t-shirt. I wore my flats from Payless shoes to show off the leggings but when I wore them on Thanksgiving, I paired them with my tall black riding boots and I definitely felt pretty kick-ass.

These leggings are one of the comfiest pairs I own! I speak for girls with hips everywhere when I say, leggings that go over top of your hips comfortably and STAY on your waist without sliding down while you wear them are a treasure! And that's how these fit! If you're in the market for some geeky leggings, I highly suggest checking out Insert Coin's selection!

xo Jen

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