What I'm Loving Now

This Spring and Summer I have found myself getting giddy like I did when I was 13 years old for nail polish. In early Spring, I actually stopped at the nail polish display to look for a new colour for my toes since the weather was getting nicer and what did I see? So many different glitter and confetti nail polishes! That was my weakness when I was a young teenager!

I picked up two Revlon polishes in the Spring:



I'm completely in love with both of them! I've been wearing them constantly and by themselves. I like the semi-sheer look and it's not so noticeable when it starts to chip off.

I actually paired Girly with the Pinkie Pie polish I got for my birthday. My toes look like pink frosting!

Pinkie Pie toes! #MLP #mylittlepony

While looking at nail polishes, I've been drooling over the Nicole by OPI line... they have so many glitter and confetti polishes! Like ones with hearts and stars. Seriously, my inner 13 year old keeps getting excited when I look at the polishes. I ended up buying one of the polishes from the Selena Gomez line for Nicole by OPI. I picked up Confetti Fun and just put two coats on with no other colour underneath and it looks so awesome! This isn't my photo but this is exactly what my nails look like:


Anyways, that's enough nail polish talk. As usual, I'm normally behind on new television shows. But I actually jumped on this show sooner than normal. I have 3 episodes left of Orange is the New Black and I'm seriously addicted! I kept hearing about the show on twitter and I had no idea who was in the show, but I love the cast! And I love Laura Prepon all over again (first time was as Donna in That 70s Show).  


I'm also watching and about half way through Season 7 of Supernatural. Orange is the New Black slowed me down a bit, but the Winchester Boys have been doing an excellent job entertaining me in this season though. 

Do you check out the shirt a day sites? I could have a serious spending problem if I didn't have self control. They always have the cutest geeky mash-up shirts. Well, Tuesday night as I was going to bed I received an email from Ript Apparel for their shirt that was going on sale the next day... I almost died from the cuteness... a Powerpuff Girls and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mash-up?!?! Holy crap. I definitely bought this shirt and I'm beyond excited to get it in the mail! 

What have you been loving lately?
xo Jen

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