Style Inspiration

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I really enjoy Pretty Little Liars. One of my favourite things about the show is seeing what the girls wear. I love all their fashion styles and I always love seeing how Hanna does her hair or what jewelry Aria is wearing. By far though, my favourite character on the show is Hanna Marin. I love her clothes, hair, accessories, and personality. She's cute and has some really funny lines.

Hanna's definitely not afraid of wearing colour and patterns. Her outfits are always really young, modern and hip. I wouldn't necessarily wear a lot of her clothes but I definitely like looking at them. Though, there are a few pieces she's worn that I'd love to have in my own closet. Oh, and I'd love to have all her purses!

To be honest, she also made me want to cut my hair back when I did. I adore her wavy bob and all the cute little ponytail hairstyles she does with it. Of course my hair looks nothing like hers and I can't for the life of me style it properly. But I still love Hanna's hair. She even makes me want to go back to blonde sometimes.

Hanna's style is very inspiring because she's not afraid to wear clothes that draw attention to her. Her clothes definitely reflect her personality and I like that. I admire her confidence and it makes me want to take more risks with my own fashion choices. 

xo Jen

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