What I'm Loving Now

Life has been crazy busy the last couple of weeks and Adam has barely been home. It's been... weird. I've been making extra effort to be super productive and also take in everything around me. I'm trying to look on the bright side of things and just finding happiness everywhere I can.

Some things I've been loving...

Everything on the Kate Spade website... I really want one of her purses.

All the graphic tank tops at Hot Topic.

Bangs... I can't officially decide what to do with my hair though...

This recipe <3

Daily Inspiration

xo Jen


  1. Very nice, love the bag and that quote. Stopping by from blogging buddies.

  2. OK, I'm loving the sugar cookie pie! Looks delicious!

  3. That sugar cookie pie looks very very dangerous indeed- it's such a bright pink it looks like it's made from My Little Ponies or something :p I hope things settle down soon and Adam can be at home more xxx

  4. Great Kurt Vonnegut quote. That man certainly was wise.