Style Inspiration

I just finished re-watching Season One of Suburgatory. My friend lent me the season which worked out perfectly because Adam has been up North working so I've had the TV all to myself.

And just like the first time I watched Suburgatory, I loved Tessa Altman instantly..... her hair, clothes, attitude, and just overall character. Every time I see the show I want to cut my hair like Tessa's and embrace my wavy hair. I also adore her wardrobe in the show. Her style is a mix of tomboy and preppy. She wears a lot of dresses and skirts. But they're usually paired with a military-style jacket and biker boots. I love it!

After seeing Jane Levy (Tessa) in Evil Dead, I thought I'd have a hard time watching her in Suburgatory again. But nope... within a couple of episodes I was laughing at Tessa's debates and conversations with her father (played by Jeremy Sisto).

If you haven't seen Suburgatory, definitely give it a try! The characters and writing are hilarious!

xo Jen

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