Current Obsessions

Thanks to a friend, I cannot stop watching Suburgatory. I'm almost done Season two and I've had possession of it for less than a week. I'm excited that it was renewed for a third season and I'll be all caught up to watch it when it starts!

I also decided to rewatch Veronica Mars. I only have a few episodes left of Season one. This is the type of show that I can watch over and over again because of the characters. I love seeing how Logan and Veronica are with one another at the beginning of the show and seeing how their chemistry grows and changes.

I also really liked seeing Leo in the show again. He is so sweet with Veronica <3 It's funny that now he's Schmidt on New Girl since the character is quite different than Deputy Leo.

Source: via Brit on Pinterest

Other than that, I've been slowly watching Doctor Who. I'm loving it but I'm also trying to savour it until I can really dive in once we move. I also really need to get my hands on the next season of Supernatural I need to watch. I've been itching for a Winchester fix hehe...

Because of my facebook app on my iPod Touch, I've become addicted to the stickers that are available in the chat... I have completely fallen in love with Pusheen....

I've posted other Pusheen cartoons on my blog before but I didn't realize the extent of all the different ones online. I'm in love with that cat!

Anyways, I have a busy day ahead of me filled with MORE packing. We move exactly one week today. To be honest, it makes me a little sick to my stomach...

xo Jen


  1. I've never seen Veronica Mars so only know Schmidt as Schmidt. It is funny when an actor become so associated with a character it's disconcerting seeing them as someone else. Hope the packing is going well- I have no doubt you and Adam will have a wonderful time in your new home xxx

  2. I love Suburgatory, I love Alan Tudyks' character he's hilarious! Never watched Veronica Mars :( I know i'm so sad :)
    I know how you feel about Doctor Who. I've seen up to Series 7 part 2. I have them on Blu-ray but I'm watching like one episode a week because I don't want to have a huge Doctor Who fix, because I'll have to wait for the next season. :)
    HAHA Catventure Time!

  3. Cute cat stickers!