Road Trip

Last weekend me and Adam headed up to Sudbury for a night. Adam had some physical testing to do for a job application. It was a fun couple of days away, though it was absolutely freezing.

Seymore tried packing himself up the morning we left.Someone has packed himself to come on the road trip with us today. #gingerkitty

Our usual car snacks!

As we drove further up North there was more and more snow along the highway. I also spotted about 6 deer along the highway hanging out behind someone's house. Sudbury Roadtrip
Sudbury Roadtrip

The scenery is getting rocky...Sudbury Roadtrip
Sudbury Roadtrip

Once we got to Sudbury we went out for dinner, took a stroll around Chapters, and watched a Chopped marathon on the Food Network. The next morning we woke up to -30 degree weather. My hands were numb after a small time outside and for some reason the ends of my hair went white? I spent the morning in an empty college cafeteria. It was a good time to catch up on emails and get some things organized.

My office today. #college #blog

Afterwards we had a quick lunch and cupcake break before heading home. I picked out a maple bacon cupcake. It was so amazingly good! The small cupcake kiosk in the local mall was a pleasant surprise.

Maple Bacon Cupcake

It was a fun weekend and there's a chance we'll be doing this road trip again this winter.

xo Jen

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