My Crafty Life

I feel like I started prepping for Fan Expo Canada a long time ago.... Maybe 6 months ago I started sewing pillowcases to get ready. It paid off starting early though. I have more stock than ever before. I'm really happy with my tote bags and pouches. There's so many I'd keep for myself (I'll see what I have leftover). And my pillowcase selection is great. I have everything from Sailor Moon to Star Wars to Power Rangers to Pokemon.

I'm excited and nervous for Fan Expo this weekend. I'm always nervous for the first day of a show. Getting to the venue, registering, finding your table... it makes me nervous.

New banner!

 Tote Bags
My coat rack is FULL!

 Kitty Kickers
Kitty kickers
Finished pillows:
 Pillows Pillows

Some of my favourite tote bags I finished:
 TMNT Tote X-Men Tote Harley Quinn Tote Ice Cream Tote Cupcake Tote Batman Tote Star Wars Tote Captain America Tote

These are just a tiny sample of what I'll have with me at Fan Expo. And within 2 weeks after the show I should be doing a giant Etsy update of what I have leftover.

I hope you are having a wonderful week!
xo Jen


  1. Oh my goodness that teenage mutant ninja turtles bag is absolutely amazing! Hope you sell tons of stuff!

    1. Aw thanks! The TMNT bag was one of the first bags to sell actually! I was so happy with how it turned out.

  2. Good luck at the show! That banner looks so great! And I am in love with that Star Wars bag (maybe then Aar wouldn't be so embarrassed when he has to hold my purse haha)

    1. I always witness men telling the woman they're with to buy my geeky bags. They always pull out the Star Wars or Batman tote bags. It's pretty funny.