Itching for Fall

Fall is popping up everywhere... I'm seeing Fall and Halloween decorations and craft supplies in stores. Sweaters, tights, and boots are showing up on clothing websites and in stores. I love it. August is only half over but I'm ready for the next season. Fall is by far my favourite season for numerous reasons; pumpkin-flavoured goodies, baked apple goodies, tights, boots, sweaters, scarves, layers, pretty walks, snuggling weather... just typing this out is making me excited!

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

What's your favourite season?
xo Jen


  1. Pumpkin butter sounds delicious! Adorable outfit choices in those photos too :)

    Fall ("Autumn" here) is my favourite season too- cosy jumpers, hot chocolate* and jumping in leaves wearing wellington boots.

    I read a brilliant suggestion by Michel Roux recently to fill baked apples with leftover Christmas pudding. Yum, eh?


    *Not that I have hot chocolate in fall- it's an anytime drink for me :)

    1. That sounds delicious! Just baked apples in general are tasty. Our nights have been cooling off here so I'm hoping the Fall weather comes soon.

  2. Lovely photos. I adore all 4 seasons. But my favorite here in the south is Spring.
    Everything is in bloom, it looks like Easter everywhere. No humidity. Birds making nests.
    Planning a garden. Early morning coffee on the patio. Warm sun and cool breezes.

    1. Spring is lovely. I just find that it doesn't last long enough and all of a sudden there's a heatwave. The humidity makes me upset. I cannot enjoy myself feeling that hot and gross. But yes, a warm sun and cool breeze is pretty ideal.