My Life in Photos: Fall Recap

Before winter is 'officially' here and we get caught up in Christmas, I thought I'd share a bit about our fall. It was a whirlwind full of colds, adjusting to a school routine, a wedding and all things pumpkin!

Emma has transitioned to kindergarten so well; she really enjoys it, the activities, the experience, making friends. But I swear September and October were just one giant cold. Snotty noses were all around. We expected it as they build their immune systems but, frig, it wasn't fun. 

We tried to enjoy as much as we could of fall. We went to a pumpkin farm, ate all things pumpkin spice, carved pumpkins and had a fantastic Halloween. 

Adam and I also got a weekend away! We were in a gorgeous wedding of our dear friends at the most beautiful location in Quebec. It was an incredible weekend and we got to get dressed up and all fancy!

How was your fall? Did it fly by for you too? It blows me away it's now December. We have so much going on this month!

xo Jen

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