Crafty Update

The weather has continued to be gorgeous this week, which has made it very hard to work inside everyday. Though, I have Saturday off and I'm looking forward to going to my parents' for a swim.

It seems crazy that Fan Expo is only 3 months away, and with the possibility of moving this summer, I need to continuously sew so I have enough product for this 4-day show.

I recently cut out some Powerpuff Girls and Sailor Moon pillowcases and I finished sewing up a few Harry Potter pillowcases as well. It's hard cutting up that fabric because it makes me want to keep it all for myself. Apparently, Logan also wants to keep all the fabric so he can snuggle with it.

Someone's snuggling with my Powerpuff Girls fabric. #blackcat #powerpuffgirls

I've also been going through my giant scrap pile and cutting out zipper pouches and kitty kickers. I will have so many nerdy pouches for Fan Expo because I'm using up all my scraps. My table is going to be packed!

New pouches waiting to be ironed. #starwars #sailormoon #tmnt #simpsons #geek

I also finally finished updating Etsy with my leftover pillowcases from Wizard World Toronto. I've already had a few sales this past week so I'd recommend checking out my shop before they disappear!

I took pictures and measurements of my leftover zipper pouches this past weekend. I'll be starting to update those on Etsy over the weekend.

I hope everyone has a great week!
xo Jen

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  1. Great pillow cases & Logan is darling.
    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies.