Cute Disney Shirts

We are going to Disney! In February 2023 we are heading to Magic Kingdom for 1 day while staying at a Disney resort, and then heading on a Disney cruise!

I am SO excited, like more than the kids. But they don't know exactly what's waiting for them so that's not surprising. Emma, my 4 year old, can't wait to meet Princesses. She'll be in awe and super excited the entire trip. 

Lily is a little young but I don't want to wait to make these memories. We will remember and she will be able to look back at photos and videos. AND she'll be beyond happy and excited in the moment. Plus, we're still planning a full Disney (all the parks!) trip in a couple of years when the kids are older. 

As soon as we booked the cruise and resort, I was searching Disney merch online... all the clothes, accessories, and cruise items! 

These are my current favourite Disney tees I've found on Etsy, though my wishlist is growing daily! It's pretty easy to find Disney clothes for the kids but I want some shirts for myself!

Now for anyone who's been to Disney with young kids or has been on a Disney cruise - what are things I NEED to bring/pack?? 

xo Jen

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