Parenting is Hard

How do you reason with a toddler who's a mini version of you? I never realized how stubborn, impatient, and dramatic I was until my 3 year old grew up to be just like that and just like me. 

It's been a long couple of years. We haven't had a ton of in-person visits with family and friends because of the state of the world and that means I haven't had a lot of breaks from being "Mom". It's been wearing me down and as Emma grows into an independent child with a feisty personality, I feel like I'm on the verge of a breakdown some days. 

I'm not entirely sure how to go about things. I'm trying every trick and bit of advice out there. Like 'if I don't lose my cool, it'll keep her more calm'. It works sometimes and other days, there's just no other way than us butting heads. 

I keep telling myself this is a phase. We will both continue to grow and we'll find ways to get through this. And I know it's true. But on those really long days where I've dealt with a handful of meltdowns, her talking back, on top of taking care of my daredevil 1 year old who will not stop moving, I'm EXHAUSTED. 

I know Emma's going to grow into an incredible woman and will do amazing things. But I just have to survive raising her first. 

Here's to all the parents raising little spitfires and feel like they're failing some days. 

xo Jen

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