Hello Spring

Spring is here. But not really. We got dumped on with snow again a couple of days ago. Our world looked like a snow globe all day. I think Emma was the only one thrilled about this turn of events in our household. Oh, and I guess the dog too. 

So yesterday, after Emma begged to go outside, we decided to all go out. It would be good for Lily and me to get some fresh air and sunshine on our face since we don't go out much. 

Lily was so unimpressed. She never got upset but we could not get a smile out of her. In her defense, she is teething and it was almost nap time. But her expression says it all about how we're feeling about snow in almost April. 

Easter is this weekend and we're still in Lockdown so we're hiding at home. It'll be nice though. I have a roast to cook, tons of little chocolate eggs to hide, and a Creme Egg Brownie ordered from our favourite local bakery, Beards Bakery

Emma sort of understands what's happening and talks about the Easter bunny coming and bringing her chocolate. We baked Pillsbury bunny cookies the other day which Emma just loved. It's great their dough is now safe to eat raw, but ever since I let Emma eat one of them raw, that's all she wants to do! She has no patience for them to bake. It's a battle, but thankfully she lasted the 12 minutes for the bunny cookies to finish in the oven. 

How are you where you are? What are you doing for Easter?


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