Fall Cookies

October is here and the weather is perfect! I'm back to wearing oversized sweaters, chunky knit socks, and drinking all the hot drinks my body can handle. I love this time of year.

This cool weather makes me want to bake. I have a huge list of things I want to try baking this month and I hope I have time to make most of them.

One thing I had an urge to make was fall-decorated sugar cookies. Now, I'm not a huge fan of sugar cookies. They are an absolute pain to make and they're just not my favourite cookie to eat. Adam, however, loves them and they are fun to decorate. So I usually make them once or twice a year. I had some fall sprinkles that I wanted to use so I made a batch of sugar cookies.

The icing and sprinkles were definitely the best part of these cookies. I almost didn't want to eat them because they looked so cute.

Sugar cookie dough works for me sometimes and other times it frustrates me. Because it worked so well this time, I might try my hand at another batch closer to Christmas. Plus, that means I can buy more sprinkles!

What do you plan on baking in October?
xo Jen

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