I wanted to be a mom for a very long time. Luckily, being in Canada, I have a year off to stay home with my baby. No one really knows what to expect when their baby shows up. Plus every baby is different, including their personalities and habits. I've lucked out with a good baby; she sleeps well, she's not too fussy and we haven't experienced colic. However, she still prefers our arms than a bouncer or swing. But we both get decent sleep (her more than me. I'm functioning though. Most days. With multiple cups of coffee).

I figured after we got into a routine I'd be back to sewing and baking. In my head I was so going to nail this staying at home with the baby. I also had plans to meal prep, scrub the house from top to bottom weekly, start working out... this is so not the case.

Quickly you realize how much you need to and want to entertain your baby and show her the world around her. I've taken to making animal noises, singing to her, and pointing out colours and shapes around the house. Yep, she definitely thinks her Mom is a professional singer with how much I sing to her. Then there's tummy time, the multiple feedings each day, and the never-ending diaper changing. Because she's reached the age where she 'talks' a lot now too, I also feel like I shouldn't watch TV as much. I need to interact with her and have silly conversations.

Don't take this as complaining. Watching her face - her eyes lighting up, her mouth copying my mouth, the sounds she makes - are all worth every single moment I spend away from cleaning, cooking, and even trying to eat (my meals all seem to get postponed due to Emma time).

I know things should get easier (and harder in a sense) once she can hold up her own head, hang out in her exersaucer, hold her own bottle, etc. I should be able to multi-task a bit better. Hopefully. That's the plan. But who cares? As long as she's happy, I'm happy. We'll make this work. 

xo Jen

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