Meet Emma

As I said in my previous post, my pregnancy went pretty smoothly. 

I was lucky to not deal with morning sickness. Well, just very mild nausea here and there when hunger struck or from certain smells. Coffee turned my stomach during first trimester but by third I was craving it. I didn’t have any fun cravings. I just found myself dealing with food aversions most of the pregnancy. And by the end I had such bad heartburn that I ended up avoiding a lot of foods to prevent it. 

My biggest complaint about my pregnancy was the water retention I had. I was a giant swollen pregnant lady by the end. My feet barely fit in shoes and I had cankles for the last three months. It was horrible. But overall I enjoyed being pregnant. No symptoms were unbearable. 

We found out at our 20-week anatomy scan that we were having a girl which made everything incredibly real. Now I could try to picture our baby, think up names, and call the baby ‘her’ or ‘she’. I loved feeling her kick and hearing her heartbeat throughout the pregnancy. I made a point of talking to her constantly. The more she kicked, the more I talked and rubbed my belly. I feel like I bonded early with her.

My labour was the most difficult thing I dealt with during the entire pregnancy. It was pretty traumatic for me and I still have a hard time thinking back to it. The fear and stress is still so real. It started with my water breaking in the bathroom of a restaurant. That's when it hit me that the show was starting and our baby would be here soon. It was so surreal. So long story short; I went to the hospital, I was induced, a fever set in, our baby’s heartbeat went too high, I wouldn’t dilate fast enough, an emergency c-section was required. It was a crazy night. But in the end we ended up with a healthy baby girl. That’s all that matters. 

I know I was lucky to have such a great pregnancy and end up with a healthy baby. I feel absolutely blessed when I hold her in my arms. So I'm here to introduce you to Emma...

She was born in time for Easter so we had fun doing an Easter photo session with her. Adam did a great job playing photographer, and yes I know I'm biased, but I believe she's the cutest little bunny. 

xo Jen